The Price

At Hostel Manaus you'll enjoy some of the best room rates that Manaus has to offer. And we guarantee you will have the best service for our guest.

We don't increase our prices in the high season. We strive to give our guests the very best deal possible.

And as always including bed linen, luggage storage, and unlimited 24hr Wi-Fi internet connection are all free of charge at our hostel.

Room rates

With A/C & bunk bed*** 2023 R$ 90,00
With A/C 2023 R$ 155,00
With A/C & Bathroom 2023 R$ 170,00
Dorm Rooms With H.I. Discount
With fan 2023 R$ 60,00 2023R$54,00
With A/C 2023 R$ 70,00 2023R$63,00
Note:*** That the price for private room "With A/C & bunk bed" is for 1 person. Please note that 2 people in the same ROOM will have diferent costs. Two people will cost R$40,00 extra.

Note: that the prices for PRIVATE ROOMS are for 2 people. Please note that 3 or 4 people in the same ROOM will have diferent costs.

Three people will cost R$40,00 extra per person.

Four people will cost R$40,00 extra per person.

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