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Jungle Tour in the hostel

Antonio Gomes, the owner of Amazon Antonio Jungle Tours, has his agency located inside Hostel Manaus which promotes ecological Tourism, he started to run Hostel Manaus since 2014. Together with his team and his vast experience in tourism, he began to apply his knowledge of years of work in tourism to the Amazon region, and now he is combining all this experience with managing the Hostel.

During years of working with a fair and friendly approach, he gained an excellent reputation in Manaus and his company started to receive good reviews, all this effort yielded several recommendations about his company in many travel guidebooks.

Amazon Antonio jungle tours organize tours to two different type of ecosystem in the Amazon region, so the agency promote tours to the northern part UPSTREAM of Urubu river where is located Amazon Antonio's Lodge and to the southern part DOWNSTREAM of Urubu River where is located the Cumaru Pousada.

In the north part Up Stream of the Urubu River, it is free of mosquitoes, due to the alkaline nature of the water is also one of the best areas for swimming. As you arrive at Amazon Antonio's Lodge the first thing you will notice is the famous canopy jungle tower, rising up over the treetops. From the fourth floor, you are able to get your bearings of the surrounding area, the view stretching well upstream, and over distant layers of vast rainforest.

In the south part Down Stream of Urubu River the Cumaru Pousada is surrounded by low wetland forest and beautiful landscape, it is possible to interact with local people along the Amazon riverside.

Both upstream and Downstream tours to Urubu River offers a host of activities to get you out and exploring the surrounding jungle including.

    • Canoeing through the flooded forest
    • Meeting native families
    • Spearfishing
    • Cayman handling
    • Piranha and Peacock Bass fishing
    • Jungle handicraft
    • Dolphin spotting


For the more adventurous, you can plan a trek with one or more overnight stays in the jungle. Hiking through virgin rain forest with your guide, you will come to learn about jungle survival, or even join for our adventure mixed package going to the north and south of Urubu river.

  • Animal spotting
  • Navigating safely through the terrain
  • Constructing a jungle shelter
  • Making implements from forest materials
  • Identifying plants and Jungle medicine
  • Lighting a fire under damp conditions
  • Jungle cooking.

For more information, about the tours and availability access our website and contact us by e-mail:

Office number (92)32341294

Cellphone and Whatsapp: (92) 99961-8314

One Day or shorter Tours

For those guests with less time on their hands, it is possible arrange a one day tour or shorter tour to see the famous 'Meeting of the waters'. Depending on the time available and the season in the Amazon, there will other tours like: visit to the Janauari ecological park where you will enjoy a short jungle walk along raised platform where you will see the giant Vitoria Regia water lilies and spot some of the native animals and birdlife of the area, visit the native family who lives in a floating house. Lunch is served on a floating restaurant. There will be a possibility to visit an indigenous community.

Regional River Boat Trips

AT the Hostel reception, you can get information about the river boat trip to some of the main destinations in the Amazon region.